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Just Who Are The 'Scroungers'?

In My HeadPosted by Hooton Roberts Sun, January 23, 2011 23:30:37

Just Who Are The 'Scroungers'?

The amount of money being lost to the UK Treasury every year from people not paying tax or avoiding paying tax i.e. paying their fair share is approximately £18.5 billion.

However, those milking the benefits system do so to the tune of £1 billion annually.

So just WHO are the biggest 'scroungers'?
This, and previous UK governments, would have you believe that benefit cheats are costing the state a great deal yet the figures suggest that those with a good accountant and an offshore bank account appear to be a far greater burden.

So, rather than shop a benefit cheat, let's point at the tax dodgers. Why shouldn't people pay their fair share? Why should the wealthier be allowed to get away with paying less?

And, yes, I have heard the argument that if we force these people to pay what they should, they might go and work abroad and we, the nation, would lose their 'expertise'.

But we wouldn't be losing much else; seeing as they're not contributing anyhow. If this is truly the case and, along with bankers, we 'marginalise' these greedy bastards and they do decide to leave, can I just say that I will drive them to the f**king airport for free.