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Are We The Puppet People?

On My HeadPosted by Hooton Roberts Tue, January 25, 2011 19:33:45

Andy Gray and Richard Keys had a tape of their conversation regarding an assistant referee 'released' last weekend which led to an outraged furore on twitter and in the media.

By Monday, both had been suspended for their intended broadcast on TV that night.

By Tuesday, Keys had apologised to the target of he and Gray's comments, Sian Massey.

Then MORE 'footage' was 'released' regarding Gray's previously unseen antics.

Then, Gray was sacked and a big hurrah! was heard by those wanting less dinosaurs with their Premiership coverage and less sexism with their 'sexy football'.

Later that day, we find that Gray recently began legal action against a Sunday newspaper – owned by the same person who owns the TV company he works for!

Have we been a part of 'an event'? Are we the puppet people?