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Housing Benefit

On My MindPosted by Hooton Roberts Sun, July 03, 2011 14:24:33

Following the Housing Benefit concerns reported today


I'm concerned about the the long-term social cost of the government's intentions.

I'm also concerned that the private rents of these 'expensive' homes are not set by the tenants that live in these properties. Neither are they set by the government (local or national) or by an independent body that monitor the rising costs. They're set by private landlords. So who is to blame for rising costs?

Then I'm concerned that there is a short-fall in social housing because since the 'right-to-buy' started over 30 years ago, how much of that money has been re-invested back into building social housing?

Finally, I'm concerned at these people who claim for two homes when they only need one and expect taxpayers to cover the additional costs of their homes near their workplace when they should be made to live in halls of residence. Yes, MPs.